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 Post subject: Water Island
PostPosted: 16. Feb 2014, 11:57 
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Well at level 125 players can go to Water Island and there are already like 15 players that could go train there, but no1 spent theire time at that area.
The problem is that exp from mobs isn't anything special ... 1% per mob at level 125 and you can't even normally lure them to kill more of tehm with AR or any other 3rd job attacking skill.
Then not even any kind of good dropps. I was hunting there for like 1 hour and nothing special dropped like talismans or w/e usefull. Meanwhile on Diaboni I get tons of talismans every single lure and alot of geons bags. Also dropps in Diaboli and Water Island are same (G120).

So I would like to ask what's the point of that area ^^
unless dropprate of G120 is 10x increased there (compared to Diaboli), players won't be interested of even trying to get anything in that area :)

It's just that level 125+ players are not even a bit interested in that area atm, and it kinda sux that area for 125+ is not even used.

So my suggestion?
well G120 dropprate increased by whole alot compared to Diaboli. Why? because in diaboli players can lure like 30 mobs from spot every 2min (cd of AR) and kill them. On water island we mostly have to kill 1 by 1 since there isn't any good spot to lure from.
Maybe also add G100 or G110 dropps there?
Another suggestion: increase exp a bit? But not too much ... we don't need level 199 after 2 months ;)
And one more suggestion: Water Island mobs could give aswsome egg exp. I'm right now level 127 with G13 panther and I even used 2x ugly food and 1x for 6 grades upgrade. So I guess I don't have to add more about that :)

Anyway those are just my random ideas about that area to make it more usefull ^^

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