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Forum rules (21. Jan 2019, 11:35)

[Forum RULES]


Abusive and/or demeaning comments will be removed.
This includes racism, sexism, or general trolling.


The whole of this forum is English only, any post in a foreign language will be deleted or edited as according.
This includes guild sections and spam zone.


Make sure your topics are correctly and appropriate labled.
For example, if you wish to report a player, do not put the title as "OMG GM LOOK!11ONE" please just put, [Report] "name of player"


Using inappropriate and oversized text will result in an edit of your post and consequencious actions if repeated.
This includes writing your post in full capital letters, we consider this shouting, the forum is a suppose to be a civilised place. ^.^


Double posting will greatly increase the size of a thread, and for some viewers this is annoying and also makes the forums look incredibly messy.
Please use the edit function, or the multi quote function to keep your posts singular.


Quoting quotes, and large volumes of text can also make a forum look incredibly messy and make thread pages longer.
You do not need to quote 8 other quotes, only pull the actual line of text you want, and delete the rest.


Excessive foul language will result in an edit and a warning
We do not mind a **** here and there, but every other word is unacceptable.


Make sure your topic is opened in the correct section of the forum, this will result in a move or a deletion if persistent.
There are captions to help you understand where to post your thread.


This forum is mainly for the exchanging or information and idea's, and for bug reporting that you feel the community should know.
If you wish to report a player or talk to a GM privately, please use the Ticket system, the PM system on the forums, or F/L a GM in game, this is the not the place for private or confidential conversations.


This forum is a politics free zone.
Topics on religion, national leaders or such will be locked immediately.


Spam posts and threads will be deleted.
Persistent spammers will be warned or blocked.


Double posting or topic bumping
Will only be tolerated every 12 hours, by that time a GM or Moderator will have seen your request.

If I have missed anything, or you feel there is something I should change, please do not hesitate to PM me.

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