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 Post subject: Answers to Uppa's new update annoucement!
PostPosted: 11. Apr 2014, 11:20 
Fire Element
Fire Element
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His text:
[size=50]Dear Players,

there were some things unclear about the new npc in fort.
1. This npc will not stay here forever
2. Read the story below better to understand whats happening

This shop is here to stop the inflation. And it did his job. Money is worth more now. 1kk now = 6kk before. Some players complained about "i cant sell my items anymore, noone is buying" - yep, because noone has that much money anymore. If you sold your item for 60kk before, its worth 10kk now. Maybe this will help you to balance the prices again...

... so prices changed and economy is better balanced. Chance for any g110 or g120 item is 2%. Ticket price has increased to 60kk for large tickets now. 2% with 15kk each => 50 tickets for 1 item => 750kk for 1 item. Some players were lucky and some were not. Some more items in game, good for new players, geons worth more, good for new players too. This is an event where players can win and it worked out good. Rich players spent much money -> money is worth more coz there is less money at all -> prices drop, thats good for poor players or simply not-rich ones. Some suffer, some will profit, but in the end the recourses are split more balanced to everyone.

To understand the inflation better:
We need to know that every single geon in game comes from 3 sources: 1. geondrops from mobs, 2. geons from quest reward, 3. geons from selling items to npc. So geons are constantly rising. Since the server start the geons were rising, because more geons come into the game than they are spent to NPCs.
When are geons removed from the game again?
Geons only remove from the server with buying items from NPCs. If you trade with others for items, the geon amount will stay same, just the owner is changing.
What changed for the "new geons"?
New geons from the 3 sources from above will stay the same. So new players get all geons from quests, from mobs and from new items. But the geons from monsters for example are quiet low. Now its around 6x more worth, and worth again to collect it.

A single player does not see these global changes at all. Thats why the itemprices need to balance again which will happen in the next few days. Every item will be worth more and every geon is worth less. Otherwise the prices will raise and raise without stopping.

As always i hope for your understanding. Some decisions i have to do as administrator, please try to understand them and you can trust me that its always to get more balance and a smoother way for ALL.

Hope for your understanding,

stay fair, go pro.

Well for me this seems like a good move, and i spotted the difference within a few hours being online!. G120 boi before the update 170-200kk now i saw a clean part for 35kk!. So ye newer players will for sure be able to afford this.

Tho i hope there would be a way for the money to stay low.
Maybe increase the moving and saving scrolls by X20 in the shop, and a scroll set 5kk ? things u actually dont rly need, but is a nice to have item. This way it would take longer time for the money to get fucked again.
Also destroying weps could be more expensive?
Polishing, atk talis and so on. So price increase of alot of items would be cool. I know this will hit a bit on new players aswell, but their pimping need will not be as big as on a high lvl player?

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 Post subject: Re: Answers to Uppa's new update annoucement!
PostPosted: 11. Apr 2014, 13:49 
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Agree with Facking.
Meds, speeds, movings, savings, scrolls are ridiculous cheap.
Is it possible to make prices of those items like for horns? Scroll package for under level 90 500k, from 90-120 2kk, 120+ 5kk or something like this
meds are level limited anyway to just increase them by alot, same with speeds.

Movings and saving ... also increase by alot.

This way it will realy take longer time to get everything messed up again, just like Facking said.

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 Post subject: Re: Answers to Uppa's new update annoucement!
PostPosted: 11. Apr 2014, 13:54 
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In ur last paragraph u mention that every item will be worth more and every geon will be worth less. This will happen over time when new geons enter the server again. To stop this from happening it would be cool to think of a system that the total amount of geons in server remains constant.

Some good arguements were made by Facking in the post above. Adding a 'new' shop with fair prices could stop the infaltion. In the end i think the amount of geons in server will always grow no mather what u do. But how fast, u can decide urself, by adding reasonable shops with reasonable prices.

Though, I have to disagree about changing prices on scrolls and rebirth, but i like the idea of a shop that will remain forever. When u change the prices of scrolls or Rebirths u punish new players and i think that's a problem u wanna avoid. Although i think a pimping shop would be nice. 10/10 tali's and so on. The prices shoudn't be to low so that when low players find these items they can still sell it for a decent price. But the prices can't be to high cause they have to correspond with the current state of the economy. A middle way is the solution here if u ask me.

To come back on ur last paragrape now items are worth less and geons worth more. Or did i miss the point ? Anyway that section wasn't clear to me. In time, items will be worth more and geon worth less because of the inflation but with the proposition above i think u can decide how fast the inflation will be and get a more lineare grow of economy with goes slower then the more exponential one we had before.


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